Hi, I have a 2 years old son and a 9 months old male kitty. My son is all day playing with the cat and my kitty is almost always sneezing and he kisses the kitty....he might is having his hair everyday.... The kitty is a short hair tabby....please let me know if his saliva, hair and sneezing can harm my son. Thank you.
Your son could possibly be allergic to cat hair. Or your cat could be shedding so he may get a bit of cat hair up his nose when he kisses the cat. Try brushing the cat daily to get rid of the dead hair. This will also help if your son does have a slight allergy.
No it can't but check your kitten is vaccinated it shouldn't be sneezing and it must be wormed and defeat regularly if the kitten has fleas it has worms if the kitten has worms so does your child