I have a 14 mos old I guess German shepherd; ( I guess puppy.) I got him to replace another older dog, who died, as a security dog. he will bark at animals but, when someone drives up he just looks at them. what can I do. thinking about selling her and getting one that will bark at strangers
take him to a professional dog trainer
Why don't you train him. My first dog was like that but I trained him and taught him how to identify strangers. It's even easier when you involve a professional dog trainer.
true but when you get a professional you need to check their background because i had one of my puppies
get stolen by a false and never got my pit-bull back Emotion: noddingEmotion: crying
true but im not a dog trainer and if you do get a dog trainer you might want to check their back ground because i had dog and the supposedly dog trainer took my pit-bull and i never saw him againEmotion: crying
Oh sorry. True, some criminals pose as professional trainers. Ask for referrals from friends.
sure thing Emotion: wink