My dog is around 12-15 years old and she was a rescue dog that was living on the street according to the way she looked was a good while, I've had her almost 3 years, for the past month she was stopped drinking out of her water bowl, she goes to it and smells of it and walks away from it, wrote even dip our findings the water and put our wet fingers up to her mouth and she turns her head and walk away, I took her to her vet and they couldn't figure out why she's not drinking out of any kind of bowls, at the time my home was under contruction which made everything be in a uproar and we're stressed out from the problems doing construction, one good thing it has not affected her eating. Her normal place where she'd been eating and drinking had to be moved. So right now I am mixing some water in with her can dog food to make sure that she is getting water. She has no problem eating her food with water mixed in. I just wished she would just drink out of her bowl.