Hi We have a beutiful 3 year old Dalmation. She is an inside dog, with doors always left open to access the garden.
She has always had a problem with deficating inside the house. She will pooh on the carpet right beside an open door.
I am sure its the wrong thing to do, but yesterday I had had eneogh and rubbed her nose in it.
Any suggestions. Tim
You have to show her where you want her to go to the bathroom. You have to take her outside, stay with her, and when she goes, praise praise praise (and a treat wouldn't hurt either).
She loses free access of the house which means you have to supervise her and catch her BEFORE she goes on the rug.
Do NOT rub her nose in it. That teaches the dog nothing except that poop is bad, and when you see it, bad things happen to her.
When you say "always", this means she was never house-broken. Otherwise, I'd be in the camp that she may have some medical problem causing her this change in habits.
What you need is to start breaking her of this habit like you would a puppy. Of course a 3 year-old has aquirred a long habit, so making it vanquish will take much more work now.
Puppies are crated when they can't be directly supervised. This goes for destructive chewing and toilet training. Otherwise, under your eye, they can roam and act as they wish. Now, the trick is to instantly stop the behavior that
you see as SOON AS YOU SEE IT. With pooping, you remove them instantly outside and PRAISE them as they continue the process outside. When you repeat
this for a while, it should make sense eventually. When you can't supervise her,
back in the crate (cage). You should not treat this as punishment. A cage is a retreat. My dog at first refused to go in (he was from a pound and it brought
back memories), but now he wanders down to the basement and lays down in the cage to "escape" the busy house.He selectively choses between his upstairs bed and his get-away bed. You should not keep him in there for hours and hours, but several hours at a stretch are okay. Put some water in and toys. Make sure he can turn around and has ample space. Now, you should not see a poop in the cage. By nature, dogs don't like to soil their den. The cage is their den. They will hold it til they get out.
This is where step 2 comes in. PRAISE them when you take them outside and things go well. Also, dogs go usually right after eating. In adults it might be different,
but in puppies you go outside after eating to get the timing in your favor.

Good luck. This will take more work since the dog is older.