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Today was a first – we let Sandy off the lead in the park. And the good news is, we couldn’t fault her behaviour. She was able to burn off a lot more energy and James and I had a lot of fun throwing things for her to ‘fetch’.


She had her third injection on Friday and so can now safely meet other dogs and go for ‘proper’ walks at last.

Today we attended a dog training class and I’m sure the information was excellent.

Sadly I couldn’t understand very much of it but James has certainly been inspired by it. Sandy also had the chance to socialise with other dogs there. We will go again next week when the session will be outdoors.
That's great news! I'm glad you can walk properly now and have fun with other dogs, hehe. She seems really happy on the video by the way. Emotion: love
Thanks Lana.

Sandy gets a tick.

I discovered something on the back of her neck yesterday, although it was well hidden in the hair. A trip to the vet's this afternoon confirmed that it was a tick (kleszcz in Polish). These can be very dangerous for humans here, but fortunately not for dogs. The vet removed it expertly and we now have some liquid solution to apply to the skin in the neck area every 4 weeks.

We will have to be more vigilant in future. the problem is I'm not really sure what I'm looking for.
Awww, she is so gorgeous! Her ears look so silky.