My dog pluto like to go out when ever he got a chance , so when he sees that the gate is open by chance when someone comes or goes through it and forgot to close he will run and parades all the society. So whenever he jumps out i have to run behind him and catch him. Maybe he is looking for any girls there Emotion: big smile   Emotion: dog   because he is single , just like me Emotion: big smile when he was very young he will not eat if i didnt sit beside him but now it's okay (i guess so) he always take my footwear to some where especially to his kennel.. He also takes the footwear of my father also , my father yells at him , but pluto will smile and wag his tail as he understand everything my father said Emotion: smile)

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I think Pluto simply likes it when you run after him, that's why he keeps slipping out! Emotion: big smile
Pluto is being a social dog. Or he wants to meet some of the girls around.
hehehe maybe he likes to be chased Emotion: big smile

yeah he maybe a social dog too, he doesnt barks at strange people when they come to our house, even if someone takes something from our house he doesnt matter Emotion: smileEmotion: dog

But he barks , when some one from house steps out and meet the stranger infront of the house ,then his doggy mind awakes and barks at them , hehehe Just show off Emotion: smile) [Zzz]Emotion: smoking
You people also tell me the stories if you had faced any run away's Emotion: big smile Emotion: wink
Well my dog has done that, when i forget to close the door she runs out. But she dosent run far away all she does is sit in the middle of the street.
That's good she doesn't run further... There are many dangerous things out there, for a puppy especially. So keep an eye on her!! Emotion: smile
I try.
But everytime she does it's the same spot in the middle of the street.
Hmm... isn't it the same spot where you found her?
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