Hey all! Another "what is the difference" question from me. Emotion: smile

What is the difference between Cornish and Devon Rex? They look so similar - both very agile, somewhat skinny, have a curly coat and large ears. How can you distinguish one breed from the other? Is it possible at all for non-breeders?
Cornish Rex:
Lacks guard hair. Small egg-shaped head. Large high set ears. The forehead and muzzle form a "Roman nose". Long, lean body with an arched back.

Devon Rex:
Has all three hair types (guard, awn, down). The head is a round wedge that looks wider than long. The ears are set well apart with the outer line extending beyond the lines of the head. There is a definite stop between the forehead and muzzle. Shorter and heavier body.

If these two breeds where to be bred together they would produce straight-hair offspring.
There you have it.

(1) Cornish rex - long face, (2) Devon rex - wide face

(1) Cornish rex - sloping profile, (2) Devon rex - a prominent stop in profile

To be honest, they always looked nearly the same for me... well perhaps I've not been attentive enough. Emotion: smile
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This couldn't be more clear, thanks anon!

I've always told people if the cat's body resembles that of a Siamese, it's a Cornish. A Cornish, at least all the one's I've owned, tended to also be more like a Siamese personality wise also. My first Cornish, a female, would find the part of the house that echoed the most and proceed to tell everyone about it. Emotion: smile