Hello, this is me again with, perhaps, a silly question.

What is the difference between calico, tortie, and torbie colorations? They all look so similar to me.
Hi Annamarianna,

Here are a few pictures:

Calico cat :

Tortie cat :

"Torbie" comes from "Tortie+Tabby", it's a combination of the two patterns, something like this :
On these pictures they don't look similar at all! I wonder what used to confuse me. Thanks a bunch. Emotion: smile
Annamarianna, I think it's because lots of people are confused and they don't realise it. There are so many people calling the different colours and patterns by the wrong name that it is what confuses us! These pictures were fabulous and satisfied my google search completely. Thank you My Smelly!

Is it acceptable for a tortoise shell cat to have white on her? A friend told me no, that she was actually a calico. Hmm...

Torties and Torbies are calicos.
Not all calicos are Torties or Torbies.

Calico just means they have more than two colors. They can have grey, brown, black, orange, grey, or white.