Hi we got an indoor kitten that is almost 5 months old now. We found him when he was 2 months old. As soon as we found him we took him to a vet and he said the kitten was all right. We had the kitten vaccinated by another vet at 3 months and about two days ago. This time we were told the kitten's got dilated pupils and they hardly get narrowed in light. I noticed it myself too but it's usually dark in the room so we have the lamps on. When the kitten is allowed to the balcony the pupils are normal size. The vet said it may happen because of fast growing. Indeed, the kitten is about 3kg now. Otherwise his eyesight is fine. He's very active, I'd even say too active. What should I do? Try to look for a cat neurologist or I'm right in my assumption about ambient and indoor light?
i'd think it's all right as long as the pupils are fine in daylight. ^_^ besides he's a kitten, he gets excited easily, he's always in playful mood that's why the pupils can be dilated most of the time ^_^