Do you think it's true or not that cats always land on their feet? Have you ever come across this dangerous case? If it's true, how do they do this? Thanks for your opinions.
It's not true. For the most part they fall on their feet but not all the time. They have a righting reflex which allows them to orientate themselves in mid air (so they're able to twist). This doesn't appear until 3-4 weeks of age so please don't go dropping any baby kits Emotion: stick out tongue
As far as I know, if a cat falls down from a low height, then yea - they are almost always able to turn the body in the air and land on their paws. But if they fall down from a height of more than one or two floors, they can get serious or even fatal injuries. The number of cats who became victims of such injuries constantly increases, partly it's due to the increasing number of high-rise residential buildings. Emotion: sad

Unfortunately, there are also cases when a cat gets bad injuries having fallen down from even a low height. So for the safety of your pet, you should make sure he has no access to open windows and balconies. If he wants to walk on the balcony, let him do it on a short leash only (I'd always walk him under my constant watch though).
I've heard about a cat that fell down from 5th floor but she survived and hardly got any injuries... but it's a rare case. They can die from a high fall. That they always land on the paws is a myth.