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I have just gone through this with my darling 18 yr old cat, he had the most amazing nature and my children grew up with him, he never ever hurt them or any other cat, he was the most gentlest soul but he still had an adventurous spirit. My daughter went on an exchange program for 6 months and he held on until she got back (he would wait on the front path for her each day). When she got back he was so happy but the vet had warned me he didn't have long, he was struggling in his last week and I knew he didn't have long, it was like he was saying goodbye with his eyes, we had had the pool for 11 years and it had never been a problem for him. The day I thought I would have to take him reluctantly to the vet I found him dead in the pool, it was a dreadful sight and I will never forget it but I believe he decided it was time to go, he had said his goodbyes. Abraham was his name and he was the most handsome big ginger/white fluffy teddy bear, we loved him dearly. Thank you for this forum, I needed to share.
I had a black tuxedo cat named Pepe ( I guess short for pepe le pew from bugs bunny). He came with the house 8 years ago when we bought it. He was so smart and loving and careful. He would always meet my by my garage or in the driveway when I cam home. Never went out in the street and knew the dangers. Anyway, he had been sick for a long time and was just a little bag of bones lately. I could tell he wasn't happy and was probably suffering to some extent but he still purred. I had been thinking of euthanising him (which I am really against if they still have any happines at all). Anyway, I was pulling my truck up the driveway and he was standing there watching me as he usually did. I was going slow and there was no way he could have accidentally been hurt because, as I said, he was smart and knew better. At the very last minute he just walked out in front of the truck, laid down and put his head right under the wheel, and he was gone. He had always lived his life on his terms and loved the same way. I guess he knew it was that time and wanted that on his own terms too. This just happened today and I will always miss him and feel privileged to have been his buddy.
This post was a little while back but I just experienced something very similar.
Our cat of 17 years, sweat as can be, and part of the family, got very sick about 10 days ago.
She was not a "real" breed or anything like that, but such a nice kitty, especially after 17 years. She had been sick and we took care of her with high expenses cost.
A month ago she was diagnosed with a tumor, probably cancer. We tried to make the end of her life nice for her, but in the last week, she would not eat or do anything.We would have put her down very nicely this week, but she choose otherwise.
On Saturday night, I let her out, even if she was very sick and not very mobile. That was the thing she loved most, going outside.
I was checking on her every 5 minutes. That was too long. Found her floating in the pool.
Suicide? I agree with the question from the previous writer. It is incredibly difficult. Especially with the comment about ending pain!

Anyhow, it hurts a lot. Those guys are part of the family!...just like kids....especially after 17 years
cats have emotions too. they also can suffer with the same mental illnesses i had a cat named butterball. he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety a month after that. i was forcing him to eat. he was so depressed and afraid. he didnt even eat anymore. he didnt use the litter box. he didnt sleep. i could only do so much. his body turned against him. it was what he wanted. to die. i buried butterball, a week later. i miss him dearly, but he couldnt handle life anymore. so to answer your question. yes, they do.
I think they must do.
Our little Poppet was 15 and had an abdominal tumour for nearly 2 1/2 years. She was on medication which controlled the speed of growth.

She was a calico cat which we rescued at 2 years old after a neighbour moved and left her behind. She was pregnant at the time. We started by feeding her and after having disappeared for a couple of weeks (giving birth somewhere) we looked out of the window and she was on the lawn with a kitten. We decided to give them temporary shelter in our garden shed, she had 4 kittens in all. After getting them weened of her we found the kittens homes. During this time we had fallen in love with Poppet and adopted her ourselves after having the usual checkups, neutering and vaccinations.

Poppet was a true angel, best friend and loving companion. We were inseparable. But earlier in October 2013 she became really ill and the vet said although she was in no pain he only gave her until around Christmas as the tumour was causing severe liver problems.

On the week beginning 19 October he stopped eating and a couple of days later stopped drinking. She became so weak by the Thursday she could hardly stand. We decided to nurse her through the weekend and the take her to be put to rest on the Monday.

I also remember on the Thursday she just gave me a look as much as to say Daddy I have had enough.
I said to her it won't be long now sweetheart as I was showering her with the love and kisses she truly deserved.~
For 3 nights I just lied on the floor beside her.

But on the Friday morning 25 October I awoke to give her medication (she had her front leg wrapped around my arm) and as I went to pick her up she had gone into a coma although still breathing. There were occasional gasps but in the end they just faded.

I am sure that she stopped eating for nearly a week and hadn't drank for 3 days was her way of committing suicide.
I feel so depressed, I miss her so much and hope to be reunited soon. R.I.P. Poppet xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was just coming on here to ask the dame question. my kitten was playing in the window and opened the drawstring above the knot..i just came in from finding more coffee and found her hanging by the neck.. just curled up like she was asleep. i yelled for mom and picked her up by her butt and took it off. layed her in a box because she wasn't moving..she started to wake up. if you think your animal's dead..unless there's clearly a wound or rotted areas..give it at least 10 minutes before it's disposed of. I was so relieved when i heard her meow.
They actually do! I'm a vet and I have heard and seeing this kind if cases multiple times Emotion: smile
Just yesterday I was on the bus and saw a tuxedo kitty about a year old, he was distressed about something kinda looked confused then all of a sudden he just darted right into a moving car going about 45 mph the poor thing bounced back off the tires and that was all I saw but it was weird cause it kinda seemed like the kitten timed it.. never knew they were smart enough to understand life and death seeing that killed me inside..
I began researching suicidal inclinations in cats on the Web recently because of some very questionable behavior from my cat of 13 years. I have 3 cats total, but 2 of them were raised together and best friends for 13 years. They both would go out on our deck at night and sit for a spell and knock to come back in. Labor Day weekend only one was at the door and she was crying. The other disappeared. I now know we have coyote that frequent our yard. We live in a subdivision and have since 1998 and did not realize we had coyote or I would have been more careful, but after 10 years of letting them out, one's guard would be down. I have a feeling where the coyote snatched my cat in the yard because now the other one will constantly run out and sit in the area and refuse to come back in until I physically carry her back. I'VE told the kids she is only allowed out during the afternoon and supervised and that is the first place she goes. She is either waiting for him or the thought crossed my mind that she is tempting fate and hoping for the same end to be reunited with him. She has always obeyed commands to come back when called, but now digs her feet in and refuses to leave that area.
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