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Thank you for the input. King Cephas was always careful crossing the road. My husband and I both noticed that he had been acting strange lately. There was blood in his stools. We knew he was sick. Being a mommy, I took him to the vet. After taking him to the vet that morning, he just seemed to want to be outside all day, more so than usual. I promised him that he could go outside, since he was good at the vet's. He loved the outdoors. He was an outside kitty. So, when we had called for him that night, and not seeing him we grew very worried. We would bring him in at night to sleep. As I stated, he was always careful crossing the road. My neighbors found him, on the road, dead. It seemed that he turned directly onto the path of a vehicle. He was a gentle giant, a very very loving little boy, and an excellent helper and companion. King Cephas taught us a lot each and every day. Both my husband and I preferred his company over most silly humans that we met.
This is what happened to my cat!
Yes cats and other animals can commit suicide. For exampel, dolphins can commit suicide by holding their breath (smarter than human). Dogs can stop eating to death after their owners passed away. Same with cats, they can stop eating when they are depressed (self-destruction). So there is a possibility that cats can commit suicide.
Even I recently lost my cat she had completed 12 years. I think when they know its the end they near water. Because my cat on the day she passed away she went to the bathroom and sat in the water she did that twice.
Thank you for all the posts. I came on because we found our cat Louie dead this morning. He apparently managed to wrap the blind ropes around his neck. They were behind a table and shouldn't have been an issue for him to look out the window. He was still alive when my husband went to work. Nothing looked disturbed on the table or around him. No sign he even struggled. We had been managing hyperthyroid but more recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. I think he must have been done with all the medications and was still vomiting. I thought it was crazy to think he committed suicide but after reading all your posts, definitely think it is possible.
My partner and I left for Greece yesterday leaving our very affectionate and dependant ragdoll cat at home with my Brother to look after him at 3am I revieved a phone call that he had fallen in the balcony as we live on the 4th floor. My cat is usually scared on the balcony and just has his littler there. I was obviously hysterical thinking the worst falling from 4 stories straight on to wooding decking but the vet said he probably jumped because hid injuries were minor. He has severe bruising and can barley walk. I though this meant broken leg, spine I was hysterical being so far away not knowing if he's survive.usually when a cat falls the injuries are much worst broken jaw, fractured pelvis the vet said he most likely jumped. I am terrified. 6 more weeks on holiday and my baby has already jumped ofbthr balcony. When my brother put him on speaker and I said his name "pepsi" he started meowing like crazy. I don't think I've ever cried so much but that better ending could I ask for. My baby is okay Emotion: smile
My 15 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney disease 2 days ago when I brought him in for what I thought was constipation. He was still eating and drinking water although not as much for the past few days. His diagnosis was not good and had stopped food intake at least in front of me.I made the agonizing decision to put him down rather than submitting him to tubes and the stress of overnight care at the vet Which my vet agreed was the right thing to do especially considering his age.As he was seemingly still quite alert and maintaining his normal routine albeit food and water intake. I was hoping to have the weekend together to say goodbye. He went out in the morning to the driveway as always. I kept my eye on him so that when he started walking down the street I went and got him and brought him back inside. He cried and cried yo be let back out but I just picked him up and put him out on my screen enclosed patio which he seemed content with . Before I left for work in the afternoon I didn't see him on the patio but after searching found him outside hiding in the palms plants planted alongside my screen. I brought him back in once again then locked the pet door on the enclosure. I said my goodbyes and he was purring mildly as I stroked him. To my horror when I returned home last evening I found him in the pool. I dont believe that he fell in because Everytime I caught him drinking from the pool he would always lye down, not stand to do so. I feel I prevented him from dying outside alone and that he decided this was another way to go. I do know he knew how sad and agonized I was over his illness and he did not want me to go through that. We were vert attuned to each other since we had been together since he was 8 weeks old. It's sonpainful to think that this is how he died and that he died alone. The one thing I really wanted was for him to know that I was with him when he passed. But he had other plans. I'm so sad.
I was on West Glebe Road Alexandria VA maybe 2010-2011 or 2012-2013 when I saw a stray cat who had solicited our attention run apparently purposefully into traffic.
Well my question is the same we found a cat in the pool but I don't know who is the owner. Sad RIP
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