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My cat has liver failure and i found she does strange things that make me think she wants to die. I was vacuuming yesterday and when normally she would hide from it because she is scared of it, she came right in front of it while i was vacuuming....i dont know why she did that but it kind of made me think she was hoping it would kill her...but i wont know for sure.

But i heard from a work mate that her cat of 12 years ran under her car as she was reversing out and got run over...i find that a strange behaviour and to me sounds deliberate...but know one will know for sure.

Im just trying to make my cat as comfortable as possible....Emotion: sad
I can't even fathom how a cat will take its own life.Not forgetting that cats have been found to survive highest falls.
When cats oners die, no matter how attached to them rnay are they feast on their flesh for survival. Cats only instant is to survive. Sorry bub😔
Though gross I kinda agree with you.
That is sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I once read a story about a cat that survived unscratched after it fell from the top of a 16-storey building. Cats have more than one life indeed.
Yes, they do have more than one life. I have been wondering about cat suicide lately also. I had 2 kitties aged 14 1/2 and 15. They were rescues and always lived together. They loved each other. One had to be euthanized on Memorial Day. He had been in and out of the hospital for a couple of weeks. The same day my other cat stopped eating and drinking. Nothing I tried worked. He had to be hospitalized for IV fluids, B12, vitamins, etc. It is still touch and go but he is eating and drinking enough to survive, for now. I believe if not taken to the vet he would have starved himself to death. In reading about grieving cats there are numerous stories about a healthy cat dying within a week of its companion.
After my grandmother died, three of her closest cats died. They can grieve and grieve and grieve and then kill themselves to end the pain.
My cat is 12 years and I really love him I do everything just to please him I brought him from the street he was 1 years old and after months i brought him to the village.he was soo happy their and he made friends and he grew up faster than in the city.after months and months when I came back to the village I left him with my grandma and he loves her aloot I brought 2 kittens with me he got so jealous and he didn't want me to pet him anymore. the second day I didn't see him all day then my brother told me max died I started screaming and crying then I saw him on the ground all covered blood....then now today his friend is on the ground were max was and all covered in blood they commit sucide.. Rip max💔
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