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I had a nursing cat with 5 kittens in my garden just couple of days ago. They all had at least one eye infected due to lack of cleaning from mom or it just spreaded from one to all as she cleaned all of them. I tried to cure the eyes. I observed that of them were really sick, especially one would just would crouch on the sidewalk away from its siblings. It was very fragile. When I brought it near the mom she would try to clean it and show affection but the kitten would just go away from them to the dark hidden places. I felt so bad. After 2 days there are only 3 kittens left.Emotion: sad I guess 2 of them died and that kitten was aware of its bad health and was refusing to eat and be around its family. Maybe it is an instinct to protect them from the disease. It is hard to understand. Because logically if there is a virus and sick kitten nurses from the same breast that healthy ones do, it may pass the virus or bacteria to the others. It makes sense to me a bit but I dont exactly know.
My friend had a old cat died in swimming pool last year and we thought the cat wanted to die. I have a stray cat that has been living in my yard for four years now. I fed and care for him well. But the last four weeks he has been really sick and slowly stop eating for 3 days now. All he wants is drink lots of water all day long. He even laid next to the bowl of water and refused to move. I had to put another bowl of water next to his bed for him to stay there. He doesn't take much water in at one time but continuing to drink once for every half hour or less. He won't last much longer. I think cats need to drink lots of water before they died.
This is very similar to what happened to my cat of 4 years. My mother died in February, while I lived abroad, so the cat stayed by herself in the house with the assistant coming twice a day to feed and groom her. Sometimes I wouLd SKYPe to see her so she would hear my voice. But in august she went out to the roof of our 5 storey building and fell down and died. She would go there before and was quite cautious, but probably she lost her hope or felt too lonely ( she has been waiting for her to unite with me abroad and already had her passport and was microchipped. I am desperate..
Your cat has failing kidneys. You can get him a special science diet food and keep him alive a little bit longer. He is not eating because the acidity in his stomach is high due to having bad kidneys. He probably throws up when he eats. My cat had this for a year before she finally turned into skin and bone and I had to put her to sleep. I hope your cat is feeling better, but hovering around the water bowl is what my cat did too. I used to pour her bottled water from my bottle into a small cap and she would drink, and drink, and drink. You can also try and add water to his cat food to help him out, but the regular cat food which has some sort of protein in it, is actually making your cat worse. You have to give him the KD science diet, or fluids into his skin to help him live a little bit longer. My cat lived longer because she also had a high thyroid that made her kidneys work faster and helped keep her alive a little bit longer.
I have a cat, he recently declined very fast to the point where he had thrown up 4 times in the same night. Later, at about 1 o'clock we saw him passed out in his litterbox. We didn't know what had gotten into him so we immediacy took him to the vet. It's been 2 days and he seems better. He won't eat or drink is what the vet told us. I just realized, a few hours ago, that recently, our family had gotten a puppy. I think that our cat just was feeling depressed and suicidal because he hadn't gotten much attention. So I think that this is all a form of self harm. He's doing ok, but now I'm scared. Does anyone have any help to give? Thank you.

I have had a unexplainably wonderful very large, tabby cat, named Tootie who had been feral and hung around my mom's house when my husband and baby lived I lived there for a few years. I thought the cat was her neighbors because it come through the yard in the mornings and sometime stop for a visit in the afternoon. I finally determined that the cat maybe, did not have a permanent home.

My dad started feeding it and then it became our cat, we had one big maine coon named Bootie so my brother's wife named it Tootie. Tootie lived there with us, though he did not like to come inside and was gone during the day, mostly. He was such a charismatic cat that when some of the surrounding neighbors talked to my mom, they would say "oh, there is Mr. Wiggles" and other folks had names for him - he apparently had survived by going around and eating cat food on porches or having folks just feed him, too. He chose us to settle down with...

A few years later, after we had moved into our house, and after about a year, my mom got a shelter dog that was very affectionate and had a lot of personality but he had been owned by a man living on a farm that had passed away and he was used to running free on lots of property. Anyway, both cats, having been at my mom's, forever, ran away. A month or so later Bootie had been sent to the pound by someone a couple of streets away who had found him hanging around - my daughter and mother rescued him! Tootie was never found and my mom thought he had been killed by a coyote.

I did not buy this - however - because Tootie was too large and I believe he could defend himself! Long story short, about a year later, he appeared at our house - a few streets over - having never been there - he looked a bit worse for wear, with a skinny neck and we did not recognize him. He popped in and left and appeared again a week or two later and my daughter said, "mom, it is definitely Tootie" - he had found us!

After a while I was so impressed, he would never put his claws out when I held him and I was telling my husband that he was so polite but it was then that I discovered that he did not have any front claws! Someone had obviously found him and declawed this giant feral cat! OMG! Declawing a cat is inhumane - they can not climb or hunt or do the things they are designed to do - they become so bored. It also affects their balance, makes them walk in concurrently, creates a host of problems. Here is a giant cat, born to be outdoors, who when carrying him inside, he would look up at ceilings with so much concentration - he could never understand ceilings, not until fairly recently, after 11 years at my house would he not stare up with wonder at the ceiling when he was held!

We live in rural SC, we do live in town but cats roam all over, imagine trying to take a cat like this and declaw him and force him to live inside! Anyway, he obviously escaped the situation and when he cam here, he looked a bit worse for wear, maybe he could not find food as easily in my neighborhood as he had in my mom's or maybe the food source dried up there, as well. He has lived at my house for 11 years, being spoiled to death!

He ate chicken and tuna or some meat and vegetable mixed in with fancy feast, he loved jello salad with made with whipped cream, he liked soup and organic ice cream with organic milk! Anyway, another long story short, he made it through our acquisition of 2 siamese cats, a shelter rag doll (my 5 year old daughter named Jellybean)(with a lung condition - we didn't know at the time) she died in our arms two years later - and a bluepoint siamese kitten my daughter had to have from our volunteering at the shelter. Anyway, when Jellybean, an young rag doll appeared lying on a blanket on our kitchen counter - Tootie's first reaction was a large grimace that told me he was very upset and I sensed his goal in life was to be the number one pet, with no competition. He tolerated her and realized he could be the protector and enjoyed playing that role - a role he would continue with our bluepoint siamese, kitten, also named Bootie. They have been a happy couple for years.

Recently, I started adopting cats for our shelter at Petco and had managed to adopt out close to 50 cats and kittens.

The shelter was closed on a Sunday night when I returned with 3 or 4 kittens and a cat that had gotten ill with upper respiratory in the store cage. I brought them to my house and they all began to exhibit signs of upper repertory - I thought they would get over it but did not realize that after several rounds of antibiotics (though I do not subscribe to taking medication in general these antibiotics we're tremendous in knocking out upper respiratory! I used some other home remedies to supplement.

Anyway,I did not realize that it would be weeks before the young adult catch, Callie, would recover from debilitating nuemia! i keep her isolated in the back of the house but she managed to escape a few time and the kittens got upper respiratory. it took months to get them all well and needless to say all these cats found a home and were not leaving! My family fell in love with them and the rest is history.

Anyway, back to Tootie. My siamese had had the biggest issue wth the newcomers - she growls at them often and is not friendly to them even now they they have been here 6 months. Tootie seemed a bit aggravated but was adaptable and they did not seem to get in the way of his personal routine - he even played with some of them from time to time. He usually goes across the street and sleeps on the porch of a neighbor house which is has been vacant for sometime because the lady went to live with her daughter in another city.

My street is quiet for the most part but some people will use it as a cut through at work hour so it might have a few cars. (Also, I wanted to preface that the kittens and Callie did infect Boots ad Toots and I had to treat them for upper respiratory because it is highly contagious. This was an aggravation for them because neither of them has been sick, ever! Although Bootie, was probably a carrier of the herpes virus a lot of cats, especially, from shelter environment carry because she will get red eyes around the rim of her eyes which is a sign.

I encouraged play between my cats and the acquired ones but I did to want them trading germs so I exercised some caution, not encouraging heavy play, yet. Tootie would occasionally do a light over the shoulder half hiss when some of the kittens would try to get involved with him but being confrontational was not his style.)

Anyway, a week or so ago I was standing in the front yard and Tootie was across the street on the neighbor's porch. Just then he stepped off the porch and I did think much of it and he started towards the curb. Just then a car came whizzing past and at that moment he stepped out in the street, seemingly oblivious to the fact, or maybe even trying to be the target of the car which missed killing him by seconds! I gasped and was really shocked that I witnessed this. It bothered me immensely and it was just in the back of my mind. I tried to tell my family a few times but I was never able to find a moment but I wouldn't forget that near miss! I was very surprised because this cat came across that street all day long for 11 years, why would he walk in front of a moving car, nonchalantly, like that?

He did always meet us at the driveway and get in front of the car, alpha male style, and lead us in parade style. He was funny like that he loved meeting me after I would take my daughter to school, he would jump in the car and sit in my lap and knead my chest, with the warm heater on and listen to the radio! He did not mind riding in the car - he was a very wise cat! He had such a bright angel face and anytime you were down he would be there to knead your chest jump on you and cheer you!

Anyway, a week or two later after the incident walking in front of the car, my husband called my - I was out shopping and he had just come home from the University and it was around 3:30 or 4:00 and he said that Come on home - Tootie just got hit by a car and he is dead! The lady that hit him stopped and knocked on the door and as she was walking away. my husband opened the door and she said - is that your cat? He said, we have 6 cats and yes, that is Tootie. She said I am sorry - I never saw him and I just heard a thud. She asked if he wanted her to pick up the cat and bring him to the yard and Doug said no I will do it and she said I am sorry and left.

I asked Doug to bury Tootie and that I did not want to see him that way and he called a neighbor and the dug and hole. Doug placed Tootie on a cage top in the back yard and let the other cats quietly come by and say goodbye - my siamese cat was gone for the day and did not see this. All the cats said their goodbyes and Doug and Whitney buried Tootie.

As for suicide - I don't know if Tootie was burdened by the other cats coming to live with him - he did not seem to be unhappy, he played some with the other cats and ate meals with them for 6 months. Sometimes he would look a little perturbed or annoyed but nothing too serious. He sat in the backyard and watched them play and participated some.

The only difference was he had lost some weight and I did hear a little noise when he was breathing when he was asleep - I thought he had lost the weight because I was not feeding him as many snacks as usual - but it gets all the cats so excited to keep digging in the food. But, I usually did give in and give him snacks - maybe he did not like his turf taken over but he never really showed this. He seemed fine for all practical purpose.

But there is one thing I know that a cat who was born in the street and lived on his own when he was a young cat and a cat that had lived on the same street for 11 years would not just walk out in front of a car by accident. My mom thought that maybe his hearing was not good but this was not the case - there were no sign of this - in fact he appeared ageless, playing chase with the younger cats.

All I know is I believe he left voluntarily - cats have a 6th sense and 9 lives and a cat that had been surviving for 20 some odd years would not walk out in front of a car by accident. The odds would be a billion to one! It was time for him to leave this earth for whatever reason, we are not privy to know and can only guess. And he chose to leave by ending his life by walking off the curb and into the path of an oncoming car.

Where he was hit was the exact spot that he walked off the curb each day for the past 11 years. The odds are if he was not cognizant and playing russian roulette while crossing the street - he would not have survived for over 20 years of early life! Hope this helps - remember cats are people with fur!!!!

My cat Midnight started acting very strangely. He started hiding and having health issues and one day, started moving around quickly as if he was having a seizure. Then the next day, he mysteriously had gotten outside with a nicely made bed in the middle of the street. No one in my house claims to know how that happened. Not even how he got outside, with no evidence of a unlocked door or cut screen. We tried to get help from neighbors to get him out of the street, but he hissed and scratched anyone who attempted to save him. And (after a long time of helping cars get by) he died at a vet place. Not sure if him in the middle of the street means suicidal, but it's a true story of mine I never understood anyway.

Our cat has been gone for almost three weeks, and now we just found him - hanging from a tree. I think it was an accident, tho he had been acting kinda suicidal and depressed the week before he disappeared, so I don't know. It's so weird, I can't get the image out of my head. Emotion: sad

I have been struggling with this for the past year. My cat Samantha was my baby, she choose our family just showed up one day and made us love her. She greeted me daily as I arrived home always stoping short of the vehicle at a safe distance.

We had gone out as a family the kids 11&5 my husband and I went we arrived home Samantha ran deliberlatly and a fast pace at the car I saw her she looked determined and focused my husband didn't stop in time and she was gone. I can't get the image of her running at the car out of my head. Was she sick and I not notice? Was I not giving her enough of my time? What did I do wrong why would she want to die was she unhappy was it my fault. I struggle with this daily

Just adopted a cat from the SPCA its been a year i thought it would help it's not really.

I firmly believe Samantha killed herself I just can't understand why.

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