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Hi Tracey just yesterday I lost my cat who was run over. I had noticed he had been trying to get our attention for a week. We were so busy in our lives, we didn't pay him the attention and affection he needed, yet he was loved soooo much. They do get depressed and sad. He was old at least 22 years old but I felt he could have easily lived another 3 years as he was well enough. My husband drove into the driveway and he literally ran under his tyre he didn't even cry out so yes they do commit suicide

Yes I think they do but unlike humans its difficult to say for sure. My neighbour had a female cat named , she was pregnant when the guy brought a small male kitten named at home. She started to become detached and one day she went to another neighbour's yard where there were two dogs who used to kill cats, and she was killed eventually. Its only after two weeks searching for her when they came to know about this disappearance. There was no reason for her to go to that place where the dogs were kept because she was well cared for, fed and loved by her owner. I think that she thought that the guy do not love her anymore and her kittens would not be loved because of the new cat so she tried to solve this issue in her own ways.

I had a female cat, sterilised, similarly loved, fed and she stayed inside like all cats. But she like to roam during the nights and day with male cats, which was a bit unusual for a neutered cat. She disappeared suddenly the week before and its been 12 days now since she left. I was trying to guess what happened to her and looked for her everywhere...but it seems to my conclusion that as she was the only female cat around, the four males cats roaming around were disturbing her so she just went away...still hoping for her to return. She went away once for about one week and lately for two days but then she returned...but this time she has been away for too long. Hope she is only safe and sound somewhere!


This was written over 3 years ago but I wanted to share my story as well. Something similar happened to my baby girl "Moomoo". I had her for 5 years going on 6 later this year and she was the sweetest cat I've EVER had. I don't have kids so she was like having a child to me. She was calm, never hissed, scratched or attacked me. She allowed me to give her baths and love on her hard, even though hating it she still would let me get my squeeze in. She was an outside cat and she never showed signs of being sick. She still had an appetite and would do her normal routine of things. One day when it was feeding time, her son took off running and ran over her shoving her to the ground. It happened so quick I was only able to get a glimpse of her getting up off the ground. After that, she was not the same. For days, she would walk slowly then sit for a few sec, walk slow, then sit and this repeated until she got to her location. I figured she sprung her ankle after being ran over, so I didn't think much of it. About a week later, things were still the same. I opened the front door and she was sitting there looking up at me softly meowing. I fed her, loved on her and went on about my day. Later that day, my mom and I were on our way to go shopping. Now, everytime when the car pulls into the yard or when the car cranks she knows to move and will take off running. I've never had to stop and look to see if she is out the way. On our way to shop, my mom was looking out of the passenger door. I asked her what she was looking at and she replied "the cat". I stated "oh she will move out of the way." Apparently moomoo must have been suffering because she DID NOT move out of the way but instead moved to the driver's back tire and laid there as I was backing out of the driveway. Like I said before, I have never had to check to see if she was out of the way and something was pressuring me to get out and check this ONE time but I didn't. I looked at her trying to get up from the ground, parked the car and ran to her, then watched her take her final breaths. I'm still devastated over watching that and I cried so hard. It never occurred to me that cats could be suicidal until my dad mentioned it was a possibility and I started researching. I just wish I knew what was wrong with her. I miss my moomoo Emotion: sad

You'll be reunited soon enough and no time will have elapsed for poppets perspective. Stay strong and continue to help those you are able to, whenever you are able to.

She would want you to live a vibrant life and do that in remembrance of her. Now is the time to give back all that she's given you to those around you who are still in need.

I had a white cat back in 2008 whom I took to the vet to get declawed. The first 3 days after, he was just fine. But then I noticed he was walking funny, not limping, but taking stiff legged steps. Other than that, he was very happy, wanted to be pet, ate, everything normal. I noticed he was becoming more reclusive after about 6 months and would only come out to eat or to be pet or use the litter box. Then he stopped using the litter box, was eating less and lost lots of weight. He still continued to want affection and purred constantly. The vet had no answers and we put him on creamy cat food supplement which he loved. But still no weight gain. He started at 14 lb and ended up around 6 lb. One day I came home from work, I noticed he hadn't come out from from the bathroom where he bedding was, went over the baby gate, which seemed impossible for him went to my bedroom. I could see his tail from the corner of the bed. To my amazement, he swallowed the bed sheet and I pulled out what seemed to be a foot worth. Unbelievable. I didn't have the heart to put him down since he was always purring, loved being brushed, loved his new food. I guess he just got tired basically being crippled.

Our cat was about 12 years old. Had been eating less, letting the birds take her food, etc. My daughter, her primary care giver moved away a few months prior.

We went to get in the car in the garage and the cat, as usual moved away. We drove out and bumped something, went back in to check, and sure enough it was Fluffy in the driveway, she had just moved twenty feet or so. She gasped a couple times and died. We miss her very much, but it she seemed like she did it on purpose....

I have had kittens that jump off my balcony

I think yes. I never had a pet cat. But, there's this one time when I just got out of the carage and was still moving slow when the neighbor's cat slowly crossed the street. I stopped and waited for the cat to get on the other side but it didn't. So I got out of the car and checked for the cat. I was surprised to see the cat tucked in front of the wheel. I shooed him away but he just looked at me slowly and did not move an inch. It's only after some more tries of shooing him that I succeeded. I never knew anything about cats before but after that I know for sure that they sure do commit suicide.

Well it's true,cats do commit suicide when they reach old age,I had a cat named Barsik and he went under my car wheel to kill himself,while I was driving I heard a little loud CRREAHAHUTC. He was a great cat.

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