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I believe they can. I got a cat from someone else and when we first brought him home he was fine. A few weeks later he started to get really depressed and stopped being as active, made an appointment for him to the see vet Nov 21st. Well tonight he ran head first into a brick wall, started crying and well that was it. He died shortly afterward. Blood coming out of his nose, mouth, and eyes.
I think they do. I had a large white cat. He started pee everywhere out of nowhere I'd yell at him and rub his nose it. Well one day he decided to poop and roll in it, and I was giving him a bath, and he drowned himself

The same thing happened to us last night. Our 17 year old cat, who we loved very much was very close to dying. She had quit eating over a week ago. For the last few days, she kept trying to get outside. On the two occasions that I did concede and take her out, she went directly to the back of the house and tried to jump of our deck into the lake. I stopped her obviously. But last night she somehow slipped out and when I after searching the entire house, we started looking outside and found her in the lake. It was horrible. It's like she knew. God rest her gentle soul.

I'm sorry for your loss and am glad you didn't have to euthanise Poppett. I have an eerily similar situation with my precious Matilda, whom I took, along with her litter because the SPCA was going to kill this feral & frightened homeless Mother, seeing her as unsavable. After her litter was raised and given homes, I gained her trust by taking her on long leashless walks in my quiet Cincinnati neighborhood which she would wait for everyday. She's been such an important part of my life but now she's dying from a cancerous abdominal mass attached to her spleen and she's now gone 12 days without food but will drink water. I absolutely know she's not trying to commit suicide by not eating....she simply stopped because of huge and uncomfortable with the large amount of fluid in her abdomen and the pressure the mass puts on her internal organs. She purrs, wants to go outside and i believe she knows her death is eminent. Like you, I'm spending time with her laying on the couch, the bed or a chair a foot away from me. I talk to her, tell her how much I love her and she's doing the same by staying by my side. Still, it's gut wrenching to see her starving for so long but she's not in pain. I'm going to research options for setting her free if she begins to be in pain. I don't want to take her to my vet because it will scare her....I want her in my arms, softly saying goodbye and thanking her when she passes. Had a bad experience with my 20 yr olds euthansia at the vet 2 years ago that gives me nightmares. I'm determined her passing give her no undo fear. Thanks for letting me share....I finally broke down tonight because it's so hard to go through this and that I moved back to Houston to be near my elderly parents before they die. Some days are just sadder and harder than others.

I do believe they do commit suicide.

My cat is 6 months old and I have a feeling is depressed she seems sad and always wants to be with me. She was abused with her first owner when my parents called to get her they said she was perfectly fine a few days later.. they said she got blind on one eye. When I got her we could see her ribs she was starving. If you have a cat or found a cat on the street without a collar or something a wanna know if it’s starving just look on their stomach try grabbing their skin/fur. If you can’t grab it that means it’s NOT starving if you can grab their skin a lot then its STARVING

Seriously, people?! Keep your cats indoors at all times, and then they can't do these things! It's not suicide, it's NEGLECT on the owner's part. If you do let them go outside, make sure they're in a safe, secured, and supervised environment. Cats that go outdoors are at much higher risk of injury and death and DO live shorter lives. If you want to keep your cat safe and alive, don't let them outside!!

My cat has depression and I think it wants to hang itself what should I do I am really upset I think im gonna cry 😢 I LOVE MY FURRY LITTLE BUDDY
My cat is always doing dangerous and life threatening things so should I assume it’s suicide?
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