From what I've learnt about animals, they have feelings too and they do suffer sometimes. But can cats commit suicide just like we humans can do?? For example, when one of the owners passed away and the cat misses him too much... do you have any stories & opinions about it please?
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That's an interesting question. I haven't ever heard of cats or other pets commiting suicide so I'd rather stick to the opinion they don't do it. Never in my life experience at least.
Up front just an admission that I am not an overly experienced pet person, but just this morning I buried our family cat of ten years. He appeared to have gone through very rapid liver decline, and was scheduled to go to the vet later this morning and probably not come home. Last night he was crouched very very close to our pool, closer than he would ever normally go... This morning we found him in it. I guess we'll never know... it doesn't seem posible that he simply fell in given how agile cats are. The question is did he know enough that it would end any pain he may have been in relatively quickly? Sad but he's out of pain now. RIP little furry buddy.
I am sorry to hear about your loss, anon. Emotion: sad RIP, little cutie...

I won't claim that cats can commit suicide but after all we know about felines, I wouldn't exclude this possibility. It's been proved many times that they are smarter than we think, so... I reckon everything is possible.
I'm sorry for you loss, anonymous...
I do think cats can commit suicide. At least I heard a story about two cats who had lived together all life and when one died, the other cat couldn't find comfort and was moping all the time. In the end, the cat went out and, by her owner's word, deliberately got under a car. Emotion: sad The owner said it was deliberate because the cat had been very cautious before and would never do such a thing... Who knows!
I know that you wrote this a number of months ago but a coworker saw this and after what just happened to me I thought I would 15 1/2 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney disease 6 months ago and last week got very bad. I was thinking about putting her down on Saturday. She wanted to go out very badly and I thought that she might want to go under her favorite tree and I put her out. within a half hour she was floating in the pool....its above ground and there is no way that she could have gone up the steep ladder in her weakened condition; besides which she was never interested in going there before! I think that she wanted to let go and did....what a horror to have found her in that way and as you say even though you know they are out of pain, its an image I'm having trouble getting out of my sympathies are with you!
Oh that's so sad Emotion: sad
Our cat was 13 years old & about a month ago had a kidney infection which had been treated with good results. We were told to keep him inside which we did for 3 weeks. He went out as someone came into the house & we didn't find him for 24 hours. He finally ran in the house when we raised the garage door. He was acting very strange. Pacing continuously, acting somewhat aggressive to our little dogs which he'd never done before. I found him beneath my computer desk with a cord wrapped tightly around his neck. I finally was able to free him. He disappeared the next day in the house & we didn't find him for about a day & a half. He was hiding in the garage & had gotten himself wrapped in a blanket that was covering a big mirror. He couldn't stand, was panting heavily & we felt he would have been gone in minutes if our dog hadn't sniffed him out. We revived him & was told by 2 vets to place him in a dark, quiet room with all his needs. They said he'd evidently been badly scared on his last outing & was very anxious. He would let us hold him for hours with no problems but the dogs would bark & upset him so we placed him in his '"safe" room at night. Yesterday morning after he was fed, held & loved he was placed back in his room. I looked out the kitchen window & saw that his door was open. My daughter & I ran outside but she yelled...the pool....he's dead! She jumped in & pulled him out but he was clearly gone. The picture in our minds is devastating. He was the biggest, most gentle cat we've ever had & we are so upset. It was almost like he was trying to commit suicide & my daughter even said "mom Kasey's suicidal. What do you think?
This is very sad! I'm sorry for your loss guys (all the anons that have participated in this thread).
I have no answer to the question. From what you say it appears cats can do that. I've never had to go through this experience myself and I hope I will never have to. But I do believe cats have feelings and they understand what's going on around. They seem to know it when the end is close...
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