do cats have eye lashes or only eye brows?
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Oh yes they do! If you look closely you'll notice a row of hair directly above their eyes and it looks like eye lashes very much. Emotion: smile
I can see them on my Barsik, so yes, they have them.
I can see eyelashes on my cat's eyes. There might be some species that don't have, though.
Cats have eyelashes. I think girl cats have longer lashes just like girl humans.
None of my cats have eyelashes

Yes, my female cats have eye lashes. The male cats do not.

Yes Yes!! My Polydactyl boy definitely has eyelashes directly above his eye below his whiskers!!!! They are quite long - awesome. So, if you are curious if yours might then you are right😉 l have a close-up picture that distinctly shows them.

You are correct and so does my boy who is a mitten Paw Cat😉 Long & adorable.
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