a few months ago we went to visit someonw and took my cat with us, that man had a female Maine Coon. I noticed when I went to pet her she wanted some belly rubs but the way she laid down was a bit odd, she put her head on the floor first and then just dropped the rest of her body to the side on the floor! my cat was next to us when she did that and after a few days I noticed he started doing the same thing! he is 16 months old and had never done that before until he saw her do it. I never thought cats could pick up those kind of things from seeing other cats do it and the way she did it was very specific, I never saw a cat do that before so I kind of doubt it was a coincidence that he started doing it as well .. now every time he wants to lay down he will use his head and drop himself on the floor, I find it very cute though lol
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I don't have examples like that from my own life but coming to think about it, why not? Cats are very smart and they interact in their own language so I find it very likely that he picked up that habit if he liked it himself.
I can imagine how cute it looks! Emotion: smile
It's funny though because she was overweight and I think laying down that way made it easier for her because of her weight.. kinda looked like a "fat cat habit" so I find it funny that he picked that up when he is in perfectly good shape and doesn't necessarily have to do it Emotion: big smileI know they learn a lot from each other especially at a young age where they learn from their mother brothers and older cats but I never realized it was to that extent Emotion: smile
My cats show each other many little habits that a lot of times I wish they hadn't! LOL. Oh yes! They definitely are smarter together and teach each other many things.
lol make sure Eliot doesn't meet a cat with bad habits! Emotion: big smile I wonder for how long he'll be doing this. As in, if it's just his temporary 'addiction' or he'll do it for years. In any case, yea I believe they can learn from each other even to that extent, although if you hadn't shared this story, I wouldn't have known it either!
alfinnlayMy cats show each other many little habits that a lot of times I wish they hadn't! LOL.
Such as? Emotion: happy
Such as banging and POUNDING on my bedroom door all morning long to wake me up. "MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! GET UP NOW, GET UP NOW! POW POW POW POW" Finney did not do that at all until Lacey showed him persistently how to do it. Also, she showed him how to get up on the sink and make it a BED to just sprawl and sleep on. On the table, same thing. sigh. This is not my house, LOL. Emotion: stick out tongue
well it started a day or two after he met her and it's been going on for a few months.. I rarely notice him laying down differently if he sees us walking somewhere (like to the living room or bed room) he will sprint to that location put his head on the ground drop himself and star rolling on his back.. he also does this when we go outside and rolls himself in a pile of dirt... there are a few things that he picked up himself that I worry if we get another cat I'll have them both do like scratching doors (if he wants to come in) or slapping people in the face to wake them up lol he did pee outside in the woods on the grass when we went camping last week even though he had a litter box! I wish that would start a habit we were pretty surprised because he hates grass!
I have heard dolphins can learn from each other even at a distance. Certainly other animals can do it too including cats and dogs. Emotion: dog
I've watched a program about that once, they say the reason monkeys don't "take over the world" is because they don't have the ability to learn from each other, for example if one monkey develops an awesome tool he won't show it to his friends and family and they won't be interested in it, so every progress one monkey makes stays with him. They also mentioned dolphins and they can indeed learn from each other. As for dogs and cats they said it is easier for a dog to learn because their purpose in life is to see their owners and family happy so they are a lot more willing to listen and learn compared to a cat who will only be willing to learn if there is a reward at the end. of course this depends on the breed as well but I'm not sure what that means for learning from each other Emotion: smile

haha btw my wish came true, Eliot peed on the grass in our yard twice yesterday!! less of a mess for me to clean Emotion: smile
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