When dogs meet, do they recognize themselves as different breeds (if they are)?

I don't think they even think about it. Dogs don't rationalize.

That's something I've sometimes been wondering about, too. Even if they recognize themselves as different breeds, this most probably doesn't matter to them. They're interested in each other's smell in the first place, not appearance.
I doubt it because they don't even seem to consider size difference when mating some large dogs think they are tiny lap dog (mine lol) and some tiny ones think they are big abd scary so Emotion: stick out tongue
Quincy loves to play with different dogs and he treats all dogs the same! I agree with what everyone said. They either don't care or don't know they are different.
That's what makes dogs and cats so different from people. They don't care about another animal's fur color or the shape of his eyes. We should start learning from them already.