I want to get an Ocicat kitten but I can't decide on gender. I know both neutered and unneutered males can spray but how about females? Is this behavior typical for them too?
Female cats do spray, but they're a lot less likely to than a male.
Is there anything besides spaying I can do to prevent this?
Neutered/spayed cats can still spray. They do it to mark their territory, so if they don't feel threatened, they shouldn't spray. But like I said, female cats almost never spray. I've had 5 female cats and none of them have, even the unspayed ones!
I cannot speak for all owners and all Ocis, but our two Ocicat girls are both perfect about using their litter box. Our older girl Saphira was adopted at a bit over two years old and was being retired from breeding, so she was spayed just before she joined us in December 2011. We did not pick her out, she was actually a surprise Christmas gift from our daughters. Even though we had been cat free for over four years and had not planned on one at this time, it took us about two days to fall totally in love with her and the breed. So much so that eleven months later we adopted Viola, an eighteen month old little fireball who was intended for breeding but the breeder's plans changed. They are both very well behaved and just absolute joys.
From everything I have learned, much inappropriate urination is due to anxiety or territorial issues, and we clearly have no such problems. Both girls have free run of a pretty large house, and they take advantage of it to chase and ambush each other all the time, all play of course. They both sleep and nap in bed with us, and like most Ocis play fetch and catch with us and follow us all around the house.
One serious caution: If your new kitty is to be left home for any length of time, consider getting it a feline companion. Saphira, normally a pretty quiet kitty, would complain vocally whenever she perceived that we were both leaving her. The complaints ceased when Viola joined our family.

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A neutered cat is usually easier to handle, for both genders. Males usually don't spray and cats don't get in heat, which is a stress relief for both genders. They also live longer than unneutered cats