do hamsters bite and how often and why does it happen if yes, i want a pet for my 3 year old kid but i want it to be a safe pet, thanks for your replies in advance
Hamsters, like all animals, bite when they feel threatened or scared. There isn't really a 'how often'. But yes, they can bite. There aren't really any risk-free, safe pets besides fish.

In all honesty, I wouldn't get a hamster or a gerbil for a young child. They're nocturnal so they won't be awake to play during the day, and younger kids are more likely to step on or hurt a tiny animal. Hammies can also get stinky and need more care than one would think.

A better and bigger pet would be a rat, a bunny, or a guinea pig. They're bigger than hamsters and are easier to handle. All of them need the same amount of care, though.

Whatever pet you get, make sure your child knows how to handle it correctly. This will reduce the chances of it biting. Teach them to not tease the animal, either, and not to feed them too many treats (young children seem to love giving treats to animals!) When they play with it, have them sit on the floor or somewhere else where the animal won't hurt itself if it falls or is dropped!

Sorry this is so long Emotion: smile Another note, though, make sure you get either a young rodent and learn how to train it or get an adult that is already friendly. Ask the pet store employee/owner how it acts. They can usually tell you which one is the friendliest, or they can find out!
hamsters will bite because you scared them also i dont think you should get a hamster for your three year old get a slow calm pet for your 3 year old