Do hamsters smell? If yes, how to get rid of that smell? I wish to get a hamster but I am afraid my parents won't understand me and will get rid of him coz of smell. Emotion: sad
Hey Anon!

Hamsters don't stink as long as you change the sawdust (?) at least once a week. Emotion: smile
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yeah, I thought the same; as long as you keep their "home" clean, it should not smell.
I agree with posted above. Your hamster won't smell as long as you clean his sawdust regularly. To ensure your parents are not malcontent, I'd clean it more than once a week. For example, every two days. Please keep us posted on how it goes when (if) you get a hamster! Emotion: smile
If the hamster has the habit of sleeping near or even in the place where it pees, which can be common in single hamsters, it might adapt that smell.
Whatever you do, don't bathe the hamster because that will remove natural oils in his coat which he needs.
If there is a smell and doesn't go away, try changing the bedding to a different brand.

Generally hamsters shouldn't smell as stated above, if the bedding is changed often. They are great at cleaning themselves.
I had a hamster. But we returned itEmotion: sad
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  • Do hamsters smell? If yes, how to get rid of that smell
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