So I've heard LOTS of stories about rescued cats and dogs being more affectionate pets than their mates that have never been in trouble. By trouble I mean living in the street, starving, injuries, and other really bad stuff like that. They say pets saved from that realize they would have died but for humans and so they appreciate their owners much more.

Has anyone here got a story about it to share? If you have an opinion on the topic please share too.
I have heard stories about that too. My cat Olivia is a rescue cat and she's very affectionate but I don't have anything to compare with. I've never purchased a cat from a breeder.
The first cat I rescued was 5 months old and I don't know what happened to her before, but she never came out of her shell and never really relaxed the years she was with me. So compared to the cats I've had since kitten-hood, she was definitely less affectionate. But I've also heard the opposite so every animal is different and I don't think that statement can be generalized.
I doubt it, it really depends on what the cat went through, if a house cat that has always had a loving home doesn't get socialized he wont be as affectionate and if a street cat got abused by humans or just never came in contact with them then he's probably gonna be very shy or even aggressive.. Just like you wouldn't group people and decide their personality is gonna be a certain way from their race or where they came from or went through the same is with cats they each have their own special personally and memories and what they went through which builds their own little persona Emotion: smile
I had this tabby from my college days. I was about to go to school with my mom (she was heading for the store) and saw this group of grade school kids clumping around something and hitting it. I realized it was a cat that they were hitting so I scolded them off him. He was really afraid for his life, meowing like crazy and just cowering. I asked my mom to take him back home. So when I got back home after school, I checked up on this kitten (he was a junior if I'm not mistaken) and he was hiding underneath my sister's bed. It took quite a while (around a month or so) for him to realize he wasn't gonna be abused or hurt in the house. He was so affectionate afterwards, sleeping on my bed next to my face whenever there was a chance for him.