my Dog Dexter loves to cuddle up at bed time...he is getting too big to stay up there all night,my husband or I just say "on your bed Dex" and he goes straight to his own bed which has pillows lots of blankets and toys....

how does your pet say night night????[Luv]
My cat Grissom always comes straight to the bottom of my bed in the middle of the night after a evening out and about the neighbourhood. Bitsy and Dexter seldom do it,they prefer the lounge.
My gf lets our dog sleep on the bed (Apparently anything else would be unfair!), I tried for a whole year to discourage it.. It seems there's no point trying anymore Emotion: smile
Of course. We usually have 3 cats in bed with us. Carnage sleeps either beside me or on one of my pillows, and Ghostrider sleeps at the foot of the bed later in the evening. Kitten sleeps next to my guy throughout the night.