So, I was playing with my kitties with a laser pointer and having so much fun, and I wondered: do they have fun too? Or is it just their instincts kicking out? Emotion: thinking
play is basically an instinct of catching pray.. its different from what we think of when we say it. so they probably think the pointer is some kind of insect they wish to catch. I anyways don't like laser pointers the whole idea of playing with the cat is to eventually have him catch it and "kill" it, that's why i prefer fishing toys that can look like a bird flying and the cat can eventually catch it and beat it up Emotion: smile
Yes, they have fishing toys, little mice and bouncing balls, but the laser pointer is the one that drives them really crazy! Emotion: rofl I could spend the whole day just playing with them, that's why I was wondering if they have as much fun as I do..hehe!
We've had a thread about laser pointers as cat toys, you might want to have a look at some posts from there, too:

Personally, I don't use laser pointers to play with Barsik anymore. The first reason being, he is no longer interested in the red dot (I guess he has learnt he can't catch it), and the second reason being, I feel guilty that he can't catch it, lol.

Nice video by the way! Emotion: smile
Thanks, I guess they're still crazy about it because it's something new. Same happened with those little balls with bells inside them. At first they were like "whoaaa, this is the best toy EVER!" and then three days later "meh..." I guess that's just the way they are! Emotion: rofl
Here's an image I found that might fit in this topic...
How cats see laser pointers
Ahahah great cartoon!
It appears there is no common opinion about laser pointers as cat toys. Some people say it's ok and some don't think so. We all have to decide for ourselves if we will use it! Emotion: smile
Here's an interesting video I found about big cats chasing laser pointers. It's worth the time to watch LOL! Emotion: big smile
I wonder if the big cats ignored the dot for the most part because it had no smell? Another version: only the younger big cats played, the rest were older and wise to care about such a silly thing. Emotion: big smile
My cats sometimes play with a laser pointer but they lose interest in it very quickly.