Sometimes Magnus and Vincent will quietly hide somewhere for a nap and I may forget about their existance for a couple of hours. Then when I call them they won't respond and won't come out. Several times I thought they escaped, and several times I ended up finding them somewhere in a new and unexpected place where they'd never been before. Do your cats do it too? Getting somewhere and then not responding to your calls as if they were playing hide and seek?
One time or two I too thought Miky escaped but I think it was just an accident and he didn't mean to hide from me on purpose! Emotion: cat
I was just outside with Eliot, I looked away for one second and he was GONE! I freaked out so much, after looking for so long and calling his name I went and looked in his tree house and there he was looking at me like "I'm right here what's wrong with you mama?Emotion: thinking" I almost got a heart attack lol!
How did he manage to escape? Didn't you walk him on a leash? (That's what I saw on your photos.)

Randy does that quite often. I don't know what his true motivation is, to just discover new corners, to find a quiet peaceful place, or to make me look for him but he's a master of hiding. I once found him behind a drawer in my desk!! I have absolutely NO IDEA how he packed himself in there and why but he was looking at me so innocently when I took the drawer out. No kidding.
Oh he didn't escape, we go on walks on the leash every other day but we play outside in the yard almost every day, He is pretty good so he will just lay in the shade or walk on the grass so I do not use the leash when we go to the yard because I don't need it. He just decided he wants back in the house when I wasn't looking so I got a bit freaked out Emotion: smile
So I'm not the only one 'victim' of these hiding games! Ah, isn't it funny to look at their cute expressions when we've found them.