Hey hey everyone!
Whenever I'm having a meal Nola will show up in the kitchen and smell the air as if she's trying to find out what I'm eating, and to possibly have a piece of it. She'll do the same when I'm having a snack! Do your cats do this too?
I don't give her table scraps (almost never... OK very rarely when I know it's safe for her!) but she won't cease haunting my food!
Yes! One of my cats will literally steal the piece of bread off my hand if I get distracted Emotion: giggle
Same here! Mine won't steal food but his nose is always on guard for what we eat, lol. We keep joking that he's afraid we'll eat HIS food, i.e. meat. Emotion: big smile

Cats are curious. I'll be surprised if there's a cat that doesn't do it.