Do you keep a scratching post for your cat? Did you make it yourself or bought it?
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Heh, and what's the way the scratch? Emotion: big smile
I mean, what is the position they like most when scratching?
He stands up on his hind legs, stretches the body and starts stratching top-down. Brrr! Emotion: big smile

I'd love to see a pic of him doing that!!!
I wish I could take it but he doesn't do that too often, and besides he doesn't like it when I try to take a picture of him. Every time he notices me preparing, his curiosity awakens and he stops doing everything he's been doing and comes to me to sniff and check the camera, hehe.
Lol, I thought you were going to say "He stops doing what he is doing and goes and hides!"
Sometimes he does that too. Emotion: stick out tongue Or he looks at me the way that I can instantly realize he is grumbling at me in heart. Emotion: big smile
Yes Cotton has a scratching post Emotion: smile I bought it at pets at home and she likes to stand on her back legs, dig her claws in at the top and streeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch, pull her claws down it then climb to the top and sit on it Emotion: big smile
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