heloooo fellow canine lovers Emotion: big smile do you know any good way to make my dog enjoy water and baths? hes a lab and its really a struggle every time we need to bathe him! sometimes we don't even suceed and im getting tired of his bad smell. Please help!!
Use treats! Depending on how scared he is, start out my making the bathroom a happy place. Give him special treats only in there, like hot dog bits. Move it to only in the bathtub (water off) and once he's comfortable standing in the tub over several days you can slowly start turning on the water (lots of treats!) and over the next few days get him a little wet (keep up the treats!) until he is comfortable with bathtime. Good luck!
Its interesting that the problem is with a lab, because typically labs have the coat of a dog that would be a good swimmer/like water...
My dog is a lab/rottweiler/spaniel mix and has a coat that is similar to that of a lab but also hates water!!! he freaks out if we even have a glass of water held near him...

When we have to bathe him, we generally make it a two person job. we put a harness on him and have one person hold him and the person washing him is usually someone who he is being particularly affectionate with at that time.... the person holding him provides him with constant positive reinforcement as the bath is taking place ...saying "good dog" etc. and of course at the end, LOTS OF TREATS! or a special outing or treat (a trip to the park, a new toy, etc)