Hi. My Pitbull Dingo is 9 months old. Since the age of 2 months he's been suffering from an allergy. We've tried to get rid of it for over half a year. We've took him to lots of veterinars, made injections against demodicosis but nothing helps and recently the hair began to fall out. If you could give some advice I'd really appreciate it, it's so difficult to realize I can't help him Emotion: sad
The first thing I have to ask is what you're currently feeding him. If he's eating just regular grocery store dog food (ie" any name brand), then try giving him holistic food. Holistic pet foods don't contain all the fillers, ash and chemicals that are in name brand foods, so there shouldn't be any allergies to it.
Hello anon,

Are your vets absolutely sure it's demodicosis? Did they make deep skin scrapings? What medication did they use for the injections? From what you've written it's not clear what the actual reason of the allergy is so it's difficult to talk about treatment as such. If it's a food allergy, then you should reconsider his diet like JustaBrat said. If it's really demodicosis, you'll need medicated shampoos or antibiotics depending on the severity of the disease. Actually I'm surprised that the vets you've seen so far couldn't help!