I have a boxer, he's about 5. He's afraid of his kennel, the only time he'll come to the kennel is if he is given a treat to go in. Otherwise he will roll on his back and not go in.
Also when we walk, he knows hes not supposed to pee anywhere and focus on me/the walk. Yet he pees sometimes whilst walking instead. Almost like a cowardly way to do what he wants. He'll look up at me afterwards almost like he knows he wasn't supposed to do that lol.

I also live with my family, where they all send different signals to him, I'm trying to get them to understand that we all have to give him the same rules.
But anyways, he'll stay away from most of us when he's laying down, he usually followed us everywhere when he was younger, now it feels like he avoids us all. He's kinda a scardy cat even though he's a big dog.

What do I do to fix these? How do I help him gain confidence?

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