hi peeps i need help with my dog. he's been quite aggressive about his food lately he won't let me come close when he's eating he starts growling and that's really scary. he's a boston terrier we adopted 5 months ago. he was never happy when we were around while he eats but now it's worse than ever. please how can we fix this?
That's a very dangerous behavior he's developed. Until you start training, be careful and don't bother him.
I helped a friend with the same problem, and we used this website:
It helped a lot.
The site boyquail linked to doesn't work for me now but I agree it's a very dangerous behavior. You should definitely start to obedience train him. I suggest that you look for a professional dog behaviorist because it can be dangerous to deal with a dog with this type of problem if you're not experienced and if you don't know how to react to his body language.

I gave some tips here. They are very basic. The tactics can differ for your particular dog. It's difficult to give online advice about aggressive dogs because we don't see the dog and cannot determine the level of danger, but from what you've said it looks like an old problem that had better be treated by a professional, especially if you're scared.