We recently adopted a 12 week old basenji, male. The problem with him is biting. Sometimes it's very spiteful attacks on us and our other dog - 3 year old yorkie. We don't want to use any methods associated with violence but we already have tried to distract him and to say NO sticking a a finger into his mouth at the same time. No results so far. Please help.

Angie from UK
I'm sure it will help, anon. Dogs are smart and your Basenji should eventually figure out what is not allowed. By the way, read also this article about puppy biting .
Hi Angie,

One thing that I've found to be very effective is, as soon as the dog bites, grab his snout and clamp his jaws together while loudly and firmly saying, "NO!". He will fight, but hold on until he stops struggling and calms down.

Doing this will not hurt him at all, but will send a message very quickly that biting is not acceptable behaviour.
Thanks I'll try it out. But what if it doesn't help?
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Hi Angie,

That method should work pretty quickly, but if it doesn't, then the tips in Ruslana's link are also very helpful.
Hi Angie,

I believe you're doing everything right, it's just a question of time. How long have you been trying to show him that biting is wrong? How long has he been living with you? I guess it's just a few days? Be patient and firm, and he'll grasp eventually that biting is not acceptable.