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Palmeranian Dog?

How much do palmeranian dogs sell for without papers?

Blue Eyed Mixed Breed?

We just adopted a 6yr old female mixed breed from the Humane Society and we are trying to figure out her mix. The Vet believes a hound/husky combo. The eye are very narrow almost...

Smartest Dogs

What breeds of dogs are considered the smartest in the world?

Breeding Saint Bernard With Chihuahua...

Is it o'kay to breed a Saint Bernard with a Chihuahua?

Why Dog Breeding Is Wrong

Hello, I need your opinions about this topic. I had a talk about dog breeding with my sister. I told her breeding is bad because there are lots of homeless animals that wait...

White Shepherd?

Guys what is a white shepherd? Is it an albino shepherd? I never heard of them but today ran across a few mentions.

Puppy Breed

I have a puppy and request anyone to tell me which breed it is.. Looks like a small dog.It has a thick coat light golden, blue eyes, tail held over it's back

Dogs With No Tails

Are there any dog breeds that are born without a tail

Small And Big Dog's Temperaments

is there a general rule or tendency about temperaments of big dogs and small dogs? like which are usually more friendly and affectionate, which are easier to live with? from my...

Are Poodles Smart

are poodles a smart breed of dogs? they really don't look like when people have them groomed in all those funny show styles, poor dogs

Canine Ovulation Test

Someone told me about canine ovulation test pads but I've never heard of them before. Have you?

Blue Eyed Dogs?

ok so i know huskys and blue heelers often have blue eyes but are there any other blue eyed dogs? thx

White Dachshund

Do white dachshunds exist? I think I've seen one today, at least it looked very much like one. But I had no idea these dogs could be albino. It was a small long dog with short...

In Search Of Basschunds!

Hello all! My boyfriend and I are looking to get a puppy together. We have recently discovered a specific breed called a basschshund - a mix of a basset hound and a daschshund...

Why Are Japanese Chins So?

why are japanese chins so attractive
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