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What Dog Breeds Have Webbed Feet?

Are webbed paws a sign of specific breeds or any dog can have them?

Necessary Health Tests Before Breeding

What tests are necessary before one starts to breed dogs? Does it depend on local regulations?

Litter Size In Dogs

What is the average size of a dog litter?

Dog Breeds?

How Many Types of Dog Breeds are there?

Are French Bulldogs Quiet Dogs

We're deciding on taking one but we live in an apartment with neighbours very sensitive to noise so if our dog will bark they won't leave us alone that's for sure. Can we hope...

White German Shepherd

A couple of days ago I saw a dog that looked pretty much like a German Shepherd but it was entirely white with blue eyes. Was it an abino GS or another breed I don't know about...

American Akita And Japanese Akita Difference

What's the difference between American Akita and Japanese Akita?

Cavapoo Breeders Uk

hi folks, do you know any reputable cavapoo breeders in the uk? i love this breed and i was looking for someone i can get two puppies from. i'll provide them with a loving home...

Border - Aussie Puppies

Mom - Australian Shepherd - Merle coat - Both eyes are completely icy blue. Dad - Smooth Coat Border Collie - Typical Black and white - Both brown eyes. What chance is it that...

How Many Dog Breeds Are There

Does anyone know how many dog breeds are out there in total

Saarloos Wolfdog As Pets

i'm fascinated by saarloos wolfdogs. does anyone here have them as pets? i'd love to hear what's it's like to have one.

Wolf-Dog Cross Breeding

Hi everyone. I am on a canine course and would like some information about wolf and dog being cross bred by a country or organisation for a specific task. Can anybody please help...

Why Are Dog Breeds Banned

Why? It's the people's fault if a dog isn't trained well and has aggression problems. So why ban the breed????

Rarest Dog Breed

What is the rarest dog breed you know about?

Dogs For People With Allergies

Hi what dogs are good for people with allergies? We want a pet and we've tried a cat but we ended up rehoming her because my husband is too allergic. We're thinking about a dog...
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