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Best Hunting Dog?

Does anyone know what breed is considered best hunting dog?

Dog Breed For Hot Climate?

dear people, i live in saudi arabia it's hot climate here. what dog breed would be suitable for me? i always dreamed of one and finally i have a possibility to get a dog but i...

How Big The Puppy Will Grow?

We adopted a stray puppy. Is there any way to find out how big he will grow? He's about 6 months old now and weights 18 kg.

Necessary Health Tests Before Breeding...

What tests are considered necessary for a dog to take before breeding? Does it depend on the breed?

Most Easy Going Dog?

Hi, What dog breeds do you think are the most easy going? The ones that don't require too much brushing and walking and are ok if I can't be with them 24/7. Thanks.

Please Help!!!! Five Generation Pedigree...

Ive just recieved my 5 generation pedigree certificate today and ive notice on both sides there is a same name 'bitch' and her parents on one side of the family as the other side...

Toy Terrier And Chihuahua?

i've always confused these two, how do i recognize them for sure?

Pekingese Vs Japanese Chin

How do you recognize a Pekingese from a Japanese Chin?

Dogs With Long Fringe?

Do dogs with a long fringe find it annoying? I just wonder why mother nature created them like that considering that originally dogs didn't have people to take care for the fringe...

Some Dog Breeds More Aggressive?

Is it true that some dog breeds are way more aggressive than others and should not be generally kept as pets? Waiting for your opinions, thanks.

Dog Breed You Will Never Have

Hi guys, Is there a dog breed that you won't EVER want to have? If so, why? Waiting for your replies.

Health Of Dogs Of Different Breeds

Why are some dog breeds more susceptible to different health problems and have more inherited diseases than others?

Dog Breed Question?

I got my new puppy today and I'm curious. Her mom is a Chinese Crested and her dad is a Papillon. Is it a common or rare mix? Does it have a name? If you have photos of this mix...

Does My Dog Have To Be Registered?

I have a staffordshire/neopolitan mastiff mix and I wonder if it's considered a dangerous breed in the uk and whether I should regiter it, thanks.

Toy Dogs Intelligence

I've a friend who works as a veterinarian and she told me that toy dogs are thought to be less smart than many large breeds. Is it true? She also said that among small dogs the...
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