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Wrong species for this newsgroup! For those who do care ... angel- and things are much easier the second time around

You mean we're supposed to stay on topic! Did you find it hard to runagility when pregnant? A friend finished ... along. Couldn't see the fronts to save her life. Takinggloves and articles from the sheltie was pretty darn funny too.

Mary! Big Congratulations on your new baby, Claire! I'm glad she's being an angel and it is most excellent that she's a healthy and happy little tyke. I'm impressed that you could do agility when pregnant.

When I was pregnant with Soren, I went up to 190 lbs due to a medical problem. Considering that my idea weight is between 107 and 115, it wasn't pretty. I did show Zeffie in obedience open B just for the heck of it when I was 8 months along. Got the worse score ever and I think the judge was being very lenient. At least in my case, I'm a short woman and Zeffie, a smoothie, is a decent sized dog and I could see her in front of me. I can't image when I was so hugely pregnant doing fronts with a sheltie or some other 'eency dog.
Chris and her smoothies,
Pablo and Lucy