Hi. A week ago our Shiba Inu Kalvin began to chew on our old couch. We don't feel sorry about the counch because we were going to change it soon but I have a feeling the new couch will have the same misfortune. Kalvin understands neithe words nor other punishment including a spray bottle. Actually most chewing happens when we're not at home and as soon as you step into the house you can tell by his face that he did it again. He knows we will be angry but he keeps doing it anyway! :/ Has anyone had the same problem?
If it's happening mostly when you're not home, your best bet is going to be to kennel him when you're gone. It's better for him and your home! I would also look at getting him into some training classes and work with the trainer to get him to respond to you better. Shibas are very smart and very stubborn, they can be good dogs, they just need some work!
How often do you walk and exercise him? Shibas are high energy dogs and they need lots of mental and physical stimulation otherwise they can get destructive. Can you get him sorta exhausted before you leave the house and then take him for a walk right after you've come back home?