We gave our dog a deworming medication yesterday and after that he's been having diarrhea and refusing food. A vet said it's a side effect and everything should be all righty soon. But it's freaks me out that we were not warned. I had no idea deworming can be so stressful!! Are there other side effects we should be aware of and be expecting?
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It has been 2 days since I wormed my dog. And she just started acting this way. Can this kill her
Unless you gave her the wrong medicine. It shall pass.
Hii all..after staying tensed last whole day,I am writing this review..I have dewarmed my little ball of furr two days back and as a sign of reaction yesterday d small kid has vomitting,loose motion..he was terribly weak and drowsy..after consulting with the Vet,he had two doses of sodium lactate infusion and today the small kid is somewhat back to his track..
Good to hear that the young guy is getting better. All the best buddy
Hey, not trying to be nosy, but how bad was the vet bill?
I took my 10 puppies to the vets to get wormed today. Now they are all on drips and having fluid pumped through them. So your vet is very wrong. I'm hoping they all pull through even someone trained has got it wrong.
AnonymousMy dog vomitted 3 times,Is that bad?
No. I de wormed my 8 week old German shepherd and she (so far) has thrown up twice. The vomit part of the passing system because of the medicine making them sick. It's just a side affect and should resolve within 1-2 days!
My dog had excessive drooling but only for a few minutes it went away, should i still be worried..? Because I am and I'm scared.
We need to be serious here!!
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