We gave our dog a deworming medication yesterday and after that he's been having diarrhea and refusing food. A vet said it's a side effect and everything should be all righty soon. But it's freaks me out that we were not warned. I had no idea deworming can be so stressful!! Are there other side effects we should be aware of and be expecting?
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Bill is affordable it is not that expensive, maybe it would be expensive for you.
How expensive?
My 8 month old puppy just got wormed yesterday. About an hour after she took the meds she vomited. Haven since. This morning she had an accident in the house and when I cleaned it up it had some blood. She is still playful eating and drink. She has no fever either. Just curious as to what I should do. She did get ahold of some grilled chicken my kids left out on the stove. I do not give her people food. Could that possible upset her belly
okay and she has been throwing up for two days and she thew up again today before i left to school but my dad is watching her untill i get home from my doctor appointment at 4 p.m.
her appointment is in 3 weeks we cant take her in right now
Can a pup survive if overdosed on dewormer???
how long does this last
I wish I had an answer but it depends on how bad the works are and exactly what type. Remember, just because you don't see the actually works being expelled from your dog doesn't mean that he or she isn't passing eggs.

I have have now dewormed two different dogs both puppies around 6 weeks of age. Of course I bought these puppies from a "breeder" and once I received them both had roundworms and one also has tapeworms (poor guy also had fleas hence the tapeworms).

The female I dewormed passed about 5 worms, maybe 6 total over a 5 day period. They were all dead. My maMel that I am currently deworming is on day 6 and probably has passed around 15 roundworms and 20-30 tapeworms (those are small rice pellets). While its grood to use OTC medicine it's much more effective to take your dog to the vet and have them administer the deworming. If you cannot afford a vet than I don't believe you should have a dog. My vet bill was 90 dollars but was a great relief to know he does not have something worse such has heartworms or parvo which is deadily to Dogs.

Best of luck
Hi i gave my dog dewormer over 24 hr ago he has major diareaha and not drinking or earing. Did your dog go through side effects for as long?
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