We gave our dog a deworming medication yesterday and after that he's been having diarrhea and refusing food. A vet said it's a side effect and everything should be all righty soon. But it's freaks me out that we were not warned. I had no idea deworming can be so stressful!! Are there other side effects we should be aware of and be expecting?
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I'm glad to be reading this. My vet gave our dog a dewormer, he was very lethargic after and the next day, but he is acting normal and has vomited a couple times, with loose stool also (this is day three after treatment), but his personality it back and his energy. Our vet is closed today, and I just felt panicked about him throwing up last night and the loose stool. He gets heart worm treatment every month, but we can't figure out how he got round worms? We keep up on flea prevention. He did go to the groomers, but she keeps a very sterile shop. I'm just glad I found your board to know some after symptoms are normal. During his illness he would hide and wasn't himself, so his personality being back gives me relief. Thanks for sharing all this great information. I was starting to panic a bit, especially when I saw some unmoving worms in his stool.
Hi i was woundering what you found out the medican my vet gave me did the same thing to my 9 week old puppy and they closed at noon today and can go see or talk to them till Monday if you could please help my email is Email Removed
OK my dog is doing the same thing but has blood I mean a lot of blood in her diarrhea and she did throw up but it stopped for now. I overdose on pills I didn't mean but I know for two days she hasn't been moving around as much and she been sleeping the whole time and she hasn't been eating..
Sometimes it could be happen that your dog will suffer with seizure in which he lost his/her consciousness and after 30 sec he ran like a hell and strike his/her head in wall . If this kind of side effects you see go to the vet dr emidietly otherwise you can loose him . And if it is not possible fir you to go to a vet before 3-4 hours because any kind of reason give him 5-10ml of rum or whisky it can keep him safe for a while but don't give too much . Rum and whisky is not good for any animal but it's use in extreme case, if you can go to a vet dr then go for it don't give rum or whisky. I have rotterdam and I saved him when he was just one month old , some vet gave him extra dose of deworming that's why. So you can use this method too.
My dog is doing the same to.
One Christmas Eve, my boss gave us all of our Christmas bonuses, and let us off work early. I got home, and one of my T-cup Shih Tzu puppies was lying on his side, with his legs moving like he was "running", also like he was having a seizure. I immediately went into the house, opened up a can of fruit cocktail, used a syringe to remove some of the juice, and immediately gave it to the puppy. Then we hauled a** to the vet. After examining him, the doctor said he was dehydrated (which is commonly caused by diarrhea and/or vomiting) for any length of time. The vet put an IV into the puppy, and then told me "If you had not have done what you did with the fruit juice, your puppy would not have survived the approximately 5 miles to get here". He was fine by the next day. That is a major thing to watch for when dealing dogs and diarrhea, and getting them to the vet. Of course, that Christmas bonus I had just received from my boss was gone. A little disappointing because I needed the money, but there was nothing as important than needing it for my dog! If any of you find yourself in the same situation, the best bet is to get your pup to the vet. But if you are REALLY concerned, give them a shot of any kind of fruit juice (as much as they will drink). It will re-hydrate them and also raise their blood sugar levels.
Hahahaha! Good advice.
When I give my dog Safeguard...it seems to work, but he gets anxious and paces the floor and has trouble sleeping for the 3 days!
I've done the same and my dog now has diarrhoea boiled chicken and rice should do the trick hopefully everything will be fine
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