We gave our dog a deworming medication yesterday and after that he's been having diarrhea and refusing food. A vet said it's a side effect and everything should be all righty soon. But it's freaks me out that we were not warned. I had no idea deworming can be so stressful!! Are there other side effects we should be aware of and be expecting?
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My 5 year old female rescue was dewormed already more than once. This is a well known shelter in Manhattan has hospital facility. My doggy only weight 8 lbs. Since being dewormed 3 days ago . she is now having watery stool and no appetite. Why? 3 days later? She was so bouncy. Now all she wants to do is sleep. This worries me so much . stool sample was given to them after deworming I have yet to hear from them 3 days ago. Help.
Hello my puppy has taken the deworming pill from vet she sleeps lots .her stool is hard no wormes in it yet .vomits once s day since she had her deworming pill .she comes out to see ppl dosent play lots.we have to give her second pill Thursday
What is head pressing?
My pups are staggering, twitching,general weakness, paralysis after the dewormer what should i do
I dewormed my 2 puppies. The girl has done nothing, the boy has puked and has diarrhea.. But still drinking eating and playing..it's like the medicine isn't affecting her just him
What did they do because I cannot afford a vet rn but I need to know what I should do if I did?
My dog became ill after deworming not eating a food but consuming a water and his stool is kinda like watery his last tool have worms and im so freaking out what to do and after a few minutes after he drinks water he started to walk to me and being clingy i hope he becam alrigh

Hi... i adopted a 10 yr old female pomeranian. Shes obese, with abdominal distension. She weigh twice of the normal weight of a pomeranian. A week after i got her she has this bloody discharges from the anus. She got dewormed days before i took her. Is it from dewormed medicine? Pls advice thanks!

Hi does anyone know the answer to this . We travel to France quite often actually two weeks in UK and two weeks in France . Our 2 dogs are now having wormer and vermifuge tablets every month. Will this harm them . Thanks for any advise
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