We gave our dog a deworming medication yesterday and after that he's been having diarrhea and refusing food. A vet said it's a side effect and everything should be all righty soon. But it's freaks me out that we were not warned. I had no idea deworming can be so stressful!! Are there other side effects we should be aware of and be expecting?
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So I gave my dog deworming medication from Walmart it's a 2 pills and they last 7days. The first time I gave it to him he wouldn't eat it, so I crunched it up in his food. I waited the 7 days, and gave him the last dose of it. He is now having diarrhea but he also is licking his butt a lot. Not only that he's not like pooping himself but there's gooey poop stuff all around his butt for the past couple days. I keep taking him a bath and putting stuff on his butt just so it doesn't get irritated. I don't know if he's having side effects or not. He is still eating and playful. Someone please help! I may be freaking out a little bit.
Accidentally wormed beagle to much horse wormer 24 hrs ago back end is wobbleing like nerve problems

overdose endogard

can you tell me can a dog or cat overdose on endogard for dogs, each tablet is for per 20kg which are significantly large. cat has sneaked onto the bench overnight and we found empty packet on floor this morning, 3 tables gone . we think it may have been the cat as the dog showed no guilty signs this morning towards the packet which she usually does. both are there usual self ...hungry. ann