My female Shepherd has been behaving very odd lately: she lies on the floor rolled into a ball and when I call her she won't respond or will stand up but won't lift her head, ie she comes to me with the head down. If she tries to lift it she shivers and whines. She's had no injuries. We feed her with raw meat, bones, milk, raw eggs, sometimes dry dog food. She's usually very active and friendly, follows my mom all the time, now she hardly does it. She has not been vaccinated. What can it be?
You didn't state her age, so I'm assuming that her age is not a concern. To me it almost sounds like she could possibly have "rye neck." It's a very painful muscle spasm that lasts for several days, and even up to a few weeks. Take her to your vet to be sure. If that turns out to be what is wrong, then you should most likely be prescribed some muscle relaxants and anti-inflamatories.

I've had rye neck myself, and yes, if you move your neck toward the spasm, you shiver and cry in pain. It's definitely not fun.
Thanks.. she's 2.5 years old. She now feels better, now lies again. Today she has a slight temperature. I'll try to take her to a very this evening.
...to a VET I mean...

What kind of bones do you usually give her? Could it be a piece of a bone stuck in her throat? That's why it's not recommended to give dogs chicken bones and other bones that don't have a fragile porous structure as they can split into very sharp pieces and harm the dog's throat eventually. In any case you should really take her to a vet. Good luck! Please keep us posted.