my 12year golden retriever will not drink from her bowl anymore just sniffs at the bowl and walks away. even tried to put bottel water inthe bowl still sniffs and walks away.Gave her some water on a large spoon she drinks that, so i do not think it is the water, tried a ceramic bowl instead of her dish , no go either. she doesnot seems sick and her eyes look good. what else can i try
"My 12 year old Golden won't drink from her bowl any more..

Dear Fellow Dog Friend:
I had Border Collie/Sheltie cross who sometimes got a bit "nervy" about seemingly "oddball" things in just that way. It could be that your girl has suddenly developed an aversion to the sound of her dog tags tapping/clinking the side of her water dish. Changing her dish to a material such as plastic that wouldn't make any noise when her tags tapped against it might help.

Or it might be, given her age, she is feeling a touch of arthritis & now it pains her a bit to bend her neck/shoulders/etc. to drink from a dish on the floor. Please try putting her dish on a low stool or a stack of books or something so that her dish is more at her "nose level" and see if she returns to drinking from her bowl. Two of my dogs are elderly Rotties & I have their dishes on little benches meant for children. I put an edge or lip on the benches with trim wood & small finishing nails from the hardware store so the dishes don't go flying! They do have arthritis & the vet suggested a few things.

Hope your girl is wagging her tail more than ever soon!