Yesterday when I got home from work I let the boyz out as usual, and and as usual they ran to the tree in the far corner of the yard to pee. A magpie flew over to the tree and started screaming at them. Now, our magpies are quite rude and annoying, but this was unusual. It perched on a low branch and started flapping and screeching at Kavik, who thought this was some great game and started jumping up to see/get? the bird. Suddenly, a black and white form fell out of the other side of the tree! A baby magpie.

It started hopping away down the fence line. Now my boys are pretty good with small animals, but I somehow realized this wasn't going to be good. I raced out the door yelling at the boys NO TOUCH. Kavik was so occupied with the bird in the tree he had no idea what I was talking about. Toklat ran after the baby magpie and caught up to it, but didn't pick it up - or at least hesitated before he picked it up. He is not a "mouthy" dog - he doesn't use his mouth to investigate things like Kavik does, mostly just his nose and paws.

I was able to grab Toklats ruff before he decided that this bird was worth using his mouth on. But then Kavik saw the bird, and raced past me and grabbed it in his mouth. I was yelling at him to drop it and I dragged poor Tok over there by his ruff, but Kavik didn't drop the bird. I grabbed Kavik by his ruff and told him to drop the bird again. Well, actually I screamed bloody murder - something like "NO DON'T EAT THE BIRD BADDOG DROP IT KAVIK NO" at the top of my lungs.

My poor neighbors. He dropped the bird, but I thought it must be hurt by now because it fell onto the ground and looked kind of limp. I started walking the boys into the house, holding both ruffs, one in each hand. About halfway across the yard, Kavik starts crying like I am killing him, and pulls a Conor, and falls on the ground and rolls over on his back. I didn't let go of his ruff, thinking this was a bird eating ploy. Now, I know I didn't hurt him that badly, I was holding Toklat just the same, and he never cried or acted like I was killing him.

I finally got a different grip on Kavik and told him to "GET UP NOW" and he did and I was able to secure the boys inside. I turned to investigate the poor injured magpie baby who was happily hopping around the yard. HAH! I considered moving the little bugger but four magpies were on the fence line screaming at me - must be mommy, daddy and two more developed siblings. The little guy was full size but not fully plumaged. He hopped back over the tree and eventually hopped back in it.

The magpies screamed every time the dogs came out all night, but luckily the baby stayed in the tree. Lets hope he flies soon.
So, previously I said that Kavik was not interested in eating birds, but that was incorrect. Kavik is NOT unwilling to put a bird in his mouth, if he can catch one, but he is too lazy to catch anything but hopping babies. Kavik doesn't bear down on hopping babies right away and it is possible to remove a live bird from a dogs mouth! Toklat is not interested in putting birds in his mouth unless they come from the supermarket.
About halfway across the yard, Kavik starts crying like I am killing him, and pulls a Conor, and falls on the ground and rolls over on his back.

Your Kavik stories often bring back memories of Holy. I miss the Oscar-winning theatrics of our breeds (sammy & eskie). :}
When I was bringing Holy into the bathroom for his bath, all 4 legs would shoot out in the doorway so that we couldn't walk through. Meanwhile, he would be shrieking with fervor. You're killing me, you're killing me!!!

Had a future in opera, that one did. :}
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