Hi y'all I have a problem that's driving me mad and I was hoping to hear some opinions. I have posted this on another forum as well but haven't gotten any feedback yet.
My dog follows me EVERYWHERE it's driving me insane. I spend a lot of time with him, I play, go for walks, he sleeps with us but no matter what I do, he'll get up EVEN FROM HIS SLEEP to follow me. Be it going to get a drink from the fridge, bathroom, anywhere. It can't be lack of attention because he gets it all. How can I get him to relax and stay on the couch if I have to get up for a minute?

It sounds like separation anxiety and a lack of leadership from your side. Does your dog know the basic dog commands and obey them?
Also please have a look at this article:

How to become the alpha dog

When you regain your pack leader role and when your dog learns to obey the commands, the problem should diminish and be gone after some time because the dog will feel more secure. As a consequence, it won't have a need to follow your everywhere anymore.

Teach him the long down stay. I love to cook and my dogs are riveted on my every move. I use carrots and reward them for down stays. My female follows me everywhere. I draw the line at the toilet, but she waits outside for me. She sleeps in a crate. She is not bothered when I leave the house, but I am the center of her life. It does not bother me. She gets no food or attention unless she works for it.