We Have an 8-9 yr old Fixed Female dog.Honey is an indoor 75% of the time dog.She was in my sons bedroom & he walked into his room & stepped/hit her tail & fell next to her & she growled loudly at him..I was 5 ft away in the kitchen & yelled "hey!!" When i looked in the room she was looking at me & my son still next to her.He sais she was face to face with him when she growled..My question is at her age would it make her growl like this? He had no crule intent & she has never showed this kind of growling at anyone before.Im worried to have her in the house with my 2 younger kids now ages 8 & 10. Please help..any advice
It sounds like your dog just got scared and wasn't expecting the accident and it took her a moment to snap out of it.
If her tail got hit, she probably got scared or surprised.mI wouldn't worry, a growl is just a warning, and she wouldn't have attacked him I bet.