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A Lot Of Throwing Up?

Hi all I gave my puppy(2 months old) some deworming meds with his food around mid day (12pm) he was happy and fine until around 3pm. He started throwing up and hasn't stopped for...

Where Can I Purchase Folic?

Where can I purchase folic acid for my 22lb cocker spaniel for breeding purpose

What Is Good For Dogs?

What is good for dogs with a rash on leg that they won't stop liking

Chihuahua Puppy Ate Rawhide! Poop?

Chihuahua puppy ate rawhide! Poop seems fine! I did find diarrhea yesterday but since I have 4 Chihuahuas in the house I can't say who's it was definitely! Puppy caught defecating...

Dog Meningitis?

yesterday my brother came back from home and found our 2 year old belgian malinois to be very lethargic. he took him to a very right away and the vet thinks it's meningitis. afaik...

Lymphoma Cancer Dogs?

i always used systemajuv for all my pets when they were under the weather and i know they dont sell anymore, is there something similar made now, it was a great product worked...

My Dogs Stool Is Real?

My dogs stool is real runny three weeks after deworming. Any ideas why.

Dog Pees On Furniture And Me?

Today our two year old corgi climbed on my daughter on the couch. My daughter made her climb off her. She went to the other end of the couch, laid down, and peed. Then a few hours...

Blue Stripe Eye?

i have a dapple dachshund with a predominant BLUE STRIPE in the center of his blue eye ( left eye) .. and in his right eye he has a blue circle discoloration in the corner by...

Why Is My Dog Eating Grass?

I have noticed that every time I'm walking with my dog in the field, he wants to eat some grass. What does this mean?

My 5 Year Old Pit?

My 5 year old pit bull has been bleeding for about 2 weeks and now she won't lift her head can anyone help

Will This Pet Armar Worm Away Work?

I just have my pit Bull mix dog Gracie 5 capsules in acordance to her weight yesterday..well the worms are still in her stool and they are alive . is this normal?? When will these...

Dogs Memories?

I had a girl friend for about two and a half years. And we lived together for about two years. A year into our relationship we got a puppy together. Then after a year and a half...

My Seven Week Old Puppy?

My seven week old puppy ate a rawhide bone whole what do I do

Puppy Dewormer?

gave puppy med at 9 a.m. and it is now 10 p.m. and puppy just threw up. she has done anything until now. is that normal??
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